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Zhangzhou Chuangxin Network Technology Service Co., Ltd., referred to as [Chuangxin Network], is the authorized agent of Zhangzhou District of Xiamen 258 Network Technology Group Co., Ltd. and the general agent of Zhangzhou District of Xiamen Enterprise Software Co., Ltd. We are committed to providing corporate website construction, electronic business cards, mobile phone official website, public account operations, applet development, domain name registration, virtual hosting, servers, 400 corporate phones, corporate post offices, website promotion, network SEO optimization, business guard promotion Engine and enterprise hosting services and other product development and services. Has five years of senior industry professional service experience, providing one-stop e-commerce service solutions for enterprises. The innovation network aims at: serving customers, long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win. Providing professional technical support for enterprises and helping enterprises to popularize and apply e-commerce is our goal. We look forward to your cooperation!

Since its establishment, Innovation Network has established service teams in multiple service departments, with senior network engineers, program architects, professional art designers and online marketing planning teams. The company has provided one-stop electronics for hundreds of paid corporate members. business services.

Under the guidance of the business purpose of "reciprocity and win-win, innovation and your peers", Innovation Network serves every customer sincerely, treats every technical detail rigorously, and has the service spirit of "stable, pragmatic, and customer first", which is widely recognized by enterprises. Innovation Network focuses on the relationship between partners and customers. Innovation Network establishes partnerships with 258 Group and major Internet companies of SouQiao Software, and uses the Internet enterprise technology platform to promote enterprises to achieve "Internet +" services at low cost.
Achieving a win-win situation between our customers and you, and innovation with you!
Innovation Network knows that culture is the essence of promoting enterprise development! When "Work hard, let's be the main one"! "Conviction is an indestructible force!" When she became a concrete action for each innovator, she pushed us step by step to success. The innovation network leverages the development trend of the industry to help the development and application of enterprise information technology!

Innovation Network: Every step of our growth can not be separated from your support!