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  • 中国国际电子商务培训证书

    China International E-Commerce Training Certificate

  •  新一代网络科技授权代理商

    New Generation Network Technology Authorized Agent

  •  搜企软件授权代理商

    Search Enterprise Software Authorized Agent

  •   搜企名片一级代理商

    Search Enterprise Business Card

  • 二五八集团合作伙伴  

    258 Group Partners

  •   点击网络科技首席核心代理商

    Click Network Technology Chief Core Agent

  • 雏鹰领袖训练营培训证书

    Young Eagle Leadership Training Certificate

  • 258最优销售认证师

    258 Best Sales Certifier

  • 258集团产品授权代理商

    258 Group Product Authorized Agents

  • 粉酷网络核心代理商  

    Fanku Network Core Agent

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