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What is Douyin Blue V certification? What is the effect of Douyin Blue V certification!

来自: 漳州创新网络公司-抖音认证与运营服务部门 浏览次数:36 2019-11-20From : Zhangzhou Innovation Network Company- Douyin Certification and Operation Services DepartmentViews : 36

Short videos have gradually become the vent of this year, with 2019 coming. Many new media have also begun to put the center into short videos, and the "two micro end" has also been replaced by "two micro one shake", and many businesses have also begun to settle in Douyin , Quick Hands, Weishi, good-looking videos, etc. Last year Today, the official headline also released a "Dou Yin Enterprise Blue V White Paper", which details the Dou Yin Blue V certification .

What is Douyin Blue V certification ? How to treat Douyin Blue V certification! The launch of Douyin Blue V will accelerate the development of Douyin Blue V. If your brand has not yet launched Douyin Blue V, you must hurry up and be careful OUT. In addition, many people are asking how to apply for this Blue V? What is the use? Xiaobian will introduce the role and application method of this blue V in detail for everyone today!


The role of blue V

Establish user interactions, assist companies in transmitting business information, and create a brand's unique temporary communication position. To understand it simply, it is an account after corporate authentication, and there are still some differences compared to personal accounts.

Can post 60S long video directly, and can customize the header image to facilitate the establishment of corporate image.

The uniqueness of the name, that is to say, after I registered the name, other people could not register the name. In a way, it also prevented pirated and fake companies and maintained the image of the company ...

Give businesses exclusive access to specific addresses. The POI function is more straightforward so that users can see the location of the enterprise.

Shopping cart, you can place an order by planting grass. Products can be displayed in videos, comment areas, and home windows, and e-commerce companies can use the shopping cart function. And directly jump to the Taobao Tmall product page or use the shop function provided by byte beating, which greatly shortens the conversion path and promotes transactions.

In a single day, the brand rose 100,000. The share of the well-known women's clothing e-commerce brand Inman mentioned that the video launched on the topic of "Yanxi Raiders". At the same time, with the help of the shopping cart function, the recommended products in the video received more than 250,000 clicks, and the direct sales conversion exceeded 100,000 yuan.

Blue V's new pop-up store can provide solutions. Pop-up stores are promoted in the form of information flow advertisements, aimed at companies that not only need sales conversion but also have brand promotion needs. At the same time, it has a fixed entrance on the brand homepage, which appears in the form of a fast full-screen landing page, which provides users with a smooth and addictive experience, and also provides ample space for brand display.

Applets. A new message revealed at the Blue V Ecological Conference is particularly worthy of attention, that is, there is also a small program for Douyin! The applet can be said to be a product form with great potential and imagination. In addition, Tencent and Ali have made great efforts in this layout. Today's headlines and Douyin will obviously not miss this outlet.

Supports multiple interfaces and maintains an open attitude in small order. Including games, payment, search, online booking, ticket purchase, etc., for example, Cat Eye's online ticket purchase order has been launched. At present, there is no dedicated entrance for the applet on the Douyin platform, and the entrance for the applet on the brand homepage is not very obvious, but this stance can be foreseen that the applet will be a common blue ocean for several large traffic scenarios in the future.


Blue V does more than that, of course, but for companies that want to play with vibrato, opening Blue V is just the beginning. In the follow-up, for example, how to invent screenwriters, how to create their own short video team, etc., they all need a long Run-in time and precipitation. I hope that everyone will not miss this outlet before the arrival of 5G.

The government also established the Douyin Marketing Research Institute, in order to assist enterprises in doing Douyin marketing. And released the Blue V Growth Plan, which assists the company's Blue V operations from three aspects: data openness, system research, and talent training. For example, it will successively launch the "Official Certified Marketing Tutor Course Plan" and "Blue V Series Research Speeches" to help companies. Blue V achieves high-speed growth. This is also a major benefit for brand owners, operators, and service providers in the ecosystem. Making full use of official resources will provide great help for account growth.

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