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Why are companies setting up Douyin accounts and the benefits of Enterprise Blue V certification?

来自: 漳州创新网络公司-抖音认证与运营服务部门 浏览次数:27 2019-11-25From : Zhangzhou Innovation Network Company- Douyin Certification and Operation Service DepartmentViews : 27

Zhangzhou Innovation Network is a one-stop service provider based on "Internet +" enterprises. Our mission is to promote local enterprises to realize "Internet +" applications at low cost. Provide SMEs with corporate website construction, electronic business cards, Douyin Enterprise Blue V certification , mobile phone official website, public account operations, applet development, domain name registration, virtual hosting, servers, 400 corporate phones, corporate post offices, website promotion, online SEO optimization , Enterprise hosting services and other product development and services.

Why companies are establishing Douyin accounts, the benefits of Enterprise Blue V certification

Douyin ’s user data, Douyin ’s domestic daily active users (DAU) has exceeded 250 million, and monthly active users (MAU) are 500 million. It has become a hot platform in the era of “two micro-one shakes”. Not only that, with the increase of Douyin's profitable users, Douyin also opened its own business road "Blue V". With the emergence of Blue V, it was like opening a gap in the mountains, and a brand new air vent appeared. The chairman of Xiaomi once said: Standing on the wind, pigs can fly to the sky. If you can't catch up with this outlet, you may miss an era!

Blue V has been running for a while, and many companies have also launched. The number of Blue V accounts is increasing day by day. The Douyin official said that the Blue V account has accumulated 4.1 billion followers and received 1069.2 billion views and data traffic. It's huge. However, many companies that have not opened Blue V have doubts about what is the benefit of opening this Blue V. I can register for an account to upload videos without spending any money.

First of all, many users should know that Douyin's suppression of the commercial promotion of personal accounts is very severe, often reducing the traffic promotion of the account, or the account is not promoted. On the other hand, how can the Douyin number that is difficult to make can be realized and realized. No personal contact information (signature, video comment, etc.) can be displayed anywhere in the personal account. It will be blocked by the Douyin system and will be blocked. Current limiting or title, so it is more difficult to say that you want to conduct business operations in Douyin. It is not the same with Enterprise Blue V certification. These problems can all be solved.

Let's summarize what are the benefits of Blue V:

1. Advertising is not suppressed, videos with advertising nature will not be suppressed by the platform, and Douyin will recommend your video to more Douyin users and attract more fans;

2. Claim and edit the store's address information. Customers can directly click and navigate to the store to divert to the store;

3. It can synchronize (headline, volcano small video, vibrato) authentication, and spend only once to realize the communication between the three platforms and fans;

4. Identity display, blue V mark and main information of certified enterprise;

5, certification nickname exclusivity, first come first served, will not be repeated;

6. Sticky video, certified Douyin, you can stick 3 high-quality videos on the homepage, so that customers can understand what you want customers to know;

7, official website link, if there is an official website, you can put your own official website link on the homepage, direct customers to your official website;

8. Contact phone number, conspicuously put your own contact information on the homepage, and let customers call you at any time;

9, fan portraits, you can understand your fans very clearly;

10. Customized reply to private messages, and follower interactions at any time, without losing a customer;

11. Add a shopping cart, add your own shopping cart to the video, you can jump to the online store of Taobao Jingdong Tmall;

12. Add your own shopping cart on the homepage, fans can click to buy directly.

And wait for permissions and marketing tools, waiting for you to experience ~

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