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How can Zhangzhou's e-commerce companies use social e-commerce to improve the conversion rate of private domain traffic?

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For a long time, the wave of the Internet economy has followed waves, especially in the past two years, social e-commerce has become a hit. Everyone knows that when doing e-commerce promotion, we often talk about the fission of WeChat's circle of friends. Fission marketing is like Wanjinyou. As long as the operators of any company mention activities, they will inevitably start in the form of fission.

There are also some activities that have fallen into a confused state after trying fission: For example, some fans of fission usually give benefits, but the value of the gift is low, and the effect is not obvious; but if the value of the gift is high, they will worry about whether the subsequent realization can be returned this.

Let's share the experience of social e-commerce.

First, how do fans fission?

To fission, the first condition is to have enough fans, so how to get fans?

"Send at a low price!" This is the answer of many operators, who would not want low-priced things. So he designed a poster, in addition to the theme and rules of how to send, also marked that the ultra-low price is only 9.9 yuan.

"Taobao's original piano tutorial cost hundreds or thousands of yuan. Now you only need to share it with your friends, and you can start at a very low price, and you will get an extra sheet music book. You do n’t need to worry about the quality of the book. The first thing to note is that because of the low value, the inducement is not strong, and fission becomes very difficult. Secondly, although the gift is of high value and highly inductive, and is helpful for fission, the cost and subsequent realization must be considered.

Once the event was launched, his number of users jumped from 300 to over 1,700. "All of them want to learn piano, so they are accurate users. So how do these users stay? Still fission! I use other intermediate and advanced scores to sell and package, it only costs 9.9 yuan, and includes video tutorials, how to count users without loss. "

It is precisely to grasp the psychology of users, he sold more than 2,000 people for the course of 9.9 yuan. Some people may ask, is this really effective?

Experienced operators will say that in the fan economy era, it is important to establish a personal IP image. Whether it is Luo Fat or Wu Xiaobo, the reason someone pays is because their IP image is trustworthy and recognized by users. "All the fission courses I have invited are taught by music professionals. There is no doubt about their professionalism and quality. Secondly, I have a certain reputation in the circle. I will promote it, and users will definitely think of this course. The courses are high-quality courses and worth buying. "

2. Can the cost be recovered by promoting at an extremely low price?

"In recent years, some companies have only introduced professional managers, but some friends around me have hired professional managers in 2008 to help the boss control the company's operating costs." The initial investment is to "burn money", but how Realization in a short period of time determines the survival of an enterprise.

A small case of piano teaching:

In early 2016, Mr. Shen launched WeChat's self-media "Blues Junior Piano Course". In addition to free courses every month, he will also do some high-quality paid courses, and make money after six months. "Sometime ago, Jay Chou's new song was launched, and I immediately made a special video to catch users by using this hotspot." He introduced that less than the price of a cup of milk tea, learning a course, compared to the traditional one-to-one High-priced teaching, this way greatly reduces user learning costs.

In addition to high-quality lessons, there is another way to monetize the book. Mr. Shen introduced that the cost of a well-made music book is not high, only 12 yuan. For those who love music, his price is only 38 yuan. Compared with books that cost hundreds of yuan, "my book actually sells well Not high. "

Secondly, Shen Yongsheng printed a two-dimensional code on each score in the book. He explained that in addition to increasing user stickiness, it was also a new means of monetization. "When someone still can't play the music, he can scan the corresponding QR code, and the corresponding instructional video course will be automatically opened in the mobile phone. The price is only a few yuan, most of which will be paid and a source of income."

Now that the music store is open, the music store is going to sell it. But Mr. Shen said that this was a misconception. "When we meet people who love music, we recommend them to buy pianos. But when we hesitate, we recommend them to rent pianos." He emphasized that users who learn piano online will naturally encounter such situations Directing them to the store, targeted sales is also a marketing tool.

It is true that in the economic downturn, the acquisition of users becomes very difficult. Generally, the cost of acquiring a user is hundreds or thousands. This fast fission method is a new inspiration for me. Secondly, there is a way of drainage, no matter how good it is online, or it needs offline cooperation to achieve the effect of double swords.

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